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“Gettin' control of territory requires a walk around the block...

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Gangsterville© is a town full of corrupt politicians, snitches and stoolies. Something has to be done; it’s time to take control of City Hall! Each player leads a crime syndicate of Capos, Muscle and Wiseguys in a race to take over City Hall.

Gangsterville© is a fast-paced game for 2-4 players. Each player runs their own crime family with a set of cards. Always trying to be the best on the street to win more Turf Wars than the other players – ultimately winning City Hall.1Laughter rises as bodies fall in the Turf Wars of Gangsterville!

Gangsterville is controlled by five rival gangs. Each gang is run by a head-honcho known as a “Capo” vying for turf around town. The rest of the gangs are made up thugs and enforcers known as “Muscles” and “Wiseguys.” Each Capo is out to recruit the best of the worst Muscles and Wiseguys to build up their crime families, and lucky (or sometimes unlucky) for them, loyalty is a rare commodity in Gangsterville, and gangsters will sign up for any gang who makes them the best offer. Each gangster has their own value rating, so the more high value gangster a Capo can recruit, the better chance his gang has of winning control of turf, and ultimately all of Gangsterville.

The big boss of each gang is the Capo, so each gang has only one. They are represented in Turf Wars with a black card. A Capo has no problem going up against another Capo, but Muscles or Wiseguys are untouchable unless the Capo is on his “Home Turf,” in which case he scores an automatic Hit, regardless of Strength Value. Their only guaranteed weakness is Muscle Sara Bellum, who is immune to this rule.

Muscles are on red cards. As their title suggests, they are the heavy hitters of their gang, and each gang has two of them. A good Muscle can turn the tide of a Turf War (unless they pick on someone their own size).

Wiseguys are on blue cards. These gangsters are on the bottom rung of the ladder, but they make up for it in quantity, as each gang has three Wiseguys to its name. Still, a good Wiseguy is nothing to sneeze at, so try and recruit the toughest ones in town!

“Gangsterville”© comes with a 63 card deck. The deck is made up of 4 types of cards: Capo cards, Muscle Cards and Leverage Cards. These are the cards you use when engaging in a Turf War.

The game has 8 Capo cards, 20 Muscle Cards, and 26 Wiseguy cards to build up your gang with, as well as 9 Leverage cards to help your gang gain an edge in a Turf War.

“Gangsterville”© comes with 5 unique acrylic standees, each with a matching token, to choose from. These are the 5 top Capos in town that control a gang and ultimately want to control Gangsterville.

The standees are the pieces you move around the board, collecting money, buying leverage, and acquiring turf, trying to be the first one to make it to City Hall.

“Gangsterville”© comes with 8 double-sided building tiles, giving you 16 different buildings at your disposal to configure your game board and build your town. There is also 1 “Start” tile where all the players begin and 1 City Hall tile where all the players are trying to reach.

“Gangsterville” also comes with 18 “City Limit” tiles that add effects to the building tiles, like designating Home Turf to your gang, granting valuable Money Bags, or the opportunity to buy a Leverage Card or some Extra Muscle.

“Gangsterville”© comes with 24 Money Bag tokens, 7 Goon tokens, and 5 Jail tokens.

Money Bags can be used to buy Leverage cards or buy your way out of trouble in a Turf War. Goon tokens keep track of who’s been Gooned and knocked out in a Turf War, while Jail tokens track who’s been Snitched on and thrown in the slammer.

“Gangsterville”© comes with 3 Player Aides to keep your game organized and fun: 1 die, 1, Deck Mat, and 1 cloth bag.

You will use the tile to determine how many blocks you move around the board during your turn and determine which buildings get added to the board. The Deck Mat allows you to organize the game deck, having spaces to draw Capo, Muscle, and Wiseguy cards from, as well as a space to store any Gangster who’s been knocked out (or “Gooned,” as it’s called). The cloth bag allows you to choose building tiles and City Limit tiles at random, so you never play the same game twice. It also serves as a handy and safe container to keep your pieces in when you’re not playing.

Gangsterville”© comes with an easy-to-follow and reference rulebook to get your game started quickly. A PDF of the rules can also be found in the Knowledge Center here: [Link]{Hyperlink to the Rules in Knowledge Center}

Any other questions you may have regarding the rules can be found in the FAQ section here: [Link]{Hyperlink to FAQ in Knowledge Center}

During a Turf War, a Gangster with a Goon symbol will cause their opponent ot be knocked out. Gangsters that are “Gooned” must be placed under the Goon token until the end of the Turf War.

After counting Hits, all Gangsters that were “Gooned” during the Turf War will be discarded from play and new Gangster cards of the matching color will be drawn to replace them.

During the course of the game, it is likely that many Gangsters could be “Gooned,” and thus removed from play. If any of the 3 piles of Gangster cards runs out (Capos, Muscles, and Wiseguys), then they may be replenished by the matching cards in the “Gooned” pile.

During a Turf War, a Gangster with a Snitch symbol will cause their opponent to go to “Jail.” Gangsters sent to Jail will be placed under the “Jail” token until the end of the Turf War.

After counting all the Hits at the endo f the Turf War, any Gangster sent to Jail must be returned to the appropriate pile on the Deck Mat (Capo, Muscle, or Wiseguy),and new cards are drawn to replace them.

Any two Snitches facing each other both go to Jail.

During a Turf War, Gangsters with the Lookout symbol are able to call for backup. This allows players to flip over the next card in their deck and add that Gangster’s Strength value to the Lookout’s for a better chance of scoring a Hit.

After the battle, the Lookout is removed or scored and the backup Gangster stays in play to face the next opponent. The Turf War then continues as normal.

The Money Bag symbol has two functions. Money Bag tokens are Gangsterville’s currency; they can be used to purchase things like Leverage cards and Extra Muscle.

When a Money Bag symbol is on a Gangster card, it designates that particular Gangster as a “Bagman.” Bagmen have the ability to pay off their opponents in a Turf War. If a Bagman gives their opponent a Money Bag token, then the Bagman scores the Hit and defeats the opponent.

Any Gangster can be paid off by a Bagman except other Bagman.

Only one Gangster in the game has the Gun symbol - Cal Apone. The Gun symbol has no numerical Strength value, but it beats every Wiseguy and all but one Muscle.

The Gun symbol falls to only to the Skull symbol, possessed only by Muscle Tommy Turtle. The Gun symbol is also useless against Capos if Cal Apone is unlucky enough to face one on their Home Turf.

Only one Gangster in the game as the Skull symbol - Tommy Turtle. The Skull symbol has no numerical Strength value and loses to every Muscle and all but one Wiseguy.

The only thing the Skull symbol beats is the Gun symbol, possessed by Wiseguy Cal Apone. Tommy Turtle is the one non-Capo Gangster that can beat Cal Apone.

The Skull symbol stands no chance against any Capo on his own Home Turf.

The Home Turf symbol comes in 5 different colors that match up with the colors of the standee bases. If a Home Turf City Limit is attacked to a building tile, that tile becomes the Home Turf of the standee of the matching color.

Home Turf gives a gang the advantage in a Turf War. Capos win any battle on their Home Turf no matter what their Strength value is. Home Turf City Limit Pieces can only be attached to building tiles with the green Home Turf symbol on them.

The Extra Muscle symbol is found on City Limit pieces that are applied to building tiles. If you engage in a Turf War on a tile with Extra Muscle applied, at allows any Gangster to call for backup from the type of Gangster shown on the Extra Muscle piece, similar to how a Lookout works.

For example, if the City Limit piece shows the Extra Muscle symbol pointing to a Snitch symbol, then during a Turf War, you can give up one Money Bag token to use any one of the Gangsters in your gang with the Snitch symbol to add their Strength value to the Gangster currently in battle. The Snitch would then stay in play to engage in the next battle.

The Leverage symbol is found on City Limit pieces. If a player lands on a tile with a Leverage City Limit piece attached, than that player may exchange one Money Bag token to buy a Leverage card if they do not already possess one, or they may trade in their current Leverage card and offer up a Money Bag in exchange for a new Leverage card.

This action counts as that player’s turn.

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