Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant
A 3X (Explore, Expand, and Exploit) Science Fiction board game based in the Traveller Roleplaying Universe.


Over a millennia has passed since the Terran war left the once all powerful Imperium shattered across the stars. From the ashes rose a renewed empire, the dawn of a Third Imperium has come. The newly crowned emperor has set his sights on reclaiming the lost worlds of their once extensive empire.


Armed with an Imperial Warrant and the full backing of the Imperium, you venture into these forgotten sub-sectors of space in search of worlds rich in resources and wealth.


Employ your ships and assets to impose your will on star systems and your opponents as you further your interests and those of the Imperium.

The Board

  • Empty Systems represent unexplored space.
  • Once explored, players discover the inhabitants of the system along with notable Gas Giants and Asteroids.
  • As people vie for power and dominance, the systems take on a shape of their own.

Card Driven Gameplay



Each player executes their strategy by choosing from the six main actions Military, Diplomacy, Shadow, Science, Economic or Movement. Each action has several different functions that allow a player high flexibility during play.



Each card can also be played as an Event. These events are powerful and can swing the balance of power quickly when used at the right time.


High-Quality Game Pieces

  • Choose vessels such as fast explorer class Scout ships to fearsome Destroyers and battle Cruisers.
  • Use your assets such as Diplomats to sway systems into your favor or covert Shadow Agents to work behind the scenes and do your bidding from the shadows. Enlist soldiers to protect your interests or end revolts.


The innovative Star System Tiles build 15 star systems that are discovered during play.

There are 66 System Panels that customize each star mixing society, resources, outposts and stellar bodies.


12 Ship Stands are customized with specific ships, ranging from cruiser to scouts. They have individual capabilities that allow for varied tactics during play.

16 Asset Stands provide the Agents, Diplomats and Soldiers under your command. Organized in teams of 4 to 80+ characters each taking on missions, adventures and other duties.


The Ship & Asset Deck contains individual ships and teams all constructed to Traveller standards. The ship designs are card based, each with a matching medallion that attached to the ship class stand. Teams of Shadow agents, diplomats and soldiers are uniquely equipped and skilled. They also have matching medallions to ensure that each playing piece in the game has a unique character - leading to diverse replay.

The Secret Deck contains treasure and artifacts that were lost during the Long Night. You never know what you will find when you go poking about.

The Action Deck is the common deck that is used by all players in the game. It offers you a choice of actions or events to play in pursuit of your goals.


The Traveller Ascension rulebook can be found in the Knowledge Center located here: Traveller Ascension Rules

Many of your rules questions can be found in the FAQ section of the website located here: Traveller FAQ


Traveller Ascension Base Game comes with 12 scenarios for 2 players. The 3 & 4 Player Expansion contains the scenarios for 3 and 4 player games. And the 5 & 6 Player Expansion contains the scenarios for 5 and 6 player games.

The scenarios include discovery of new sub-sectors, brush fire wars, piracy and many other challenges.


The S.M.A.R.T (Traveller) combat system is used for space combats. This allows ships to use long range missiles, spinal mounted energy weapons and beam weapons. The defences include stealth, shields and armor which try and defeat the enemy attacks.

Traveller is played with six sided dice using a Flux system to generate a wide range of possible chances. The odds are always changing in this game.

The budget, turn track and action card mat complete the player aides.


Faction Boards allow players to choose various actions and the Corporations, Noble Houses and occasional odd Guild, Secret Organization or Criminal Cabal are all sources of capabilities and funding.

Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant
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