Large, hairy, upright-walking “wild men” have been part of folklore since the beginning of recorded history. Seen in nearly every corner of the globe, these creatures often leave large footprints behind and lurk in the wildernesses on the edge of civilization. The files on some of these mysterious ape-like or otherwise primate-like cryptids can be found in here.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Chuchunaa, Ohio Grassman, Fouke Monster, Yowie, Momo, Almas, Orang Pendek, Yeren, Skunk Ape and Devil Monkey

Vicious carnivores have been a fear of mankind since time immemorial. Killer creatures preying on livestock threatened farmers’ lively-hood, and some accounts even report these creatures attacking humans as well. They take many forms, from dog-like to cat-like, and even undiscovered bears. The files on some of these ferocious cryptids can be found here.

MacFarlane’s Bear, Nandi Bear, Beast of Gévaudan, Texas Chupacabra, Shunka Warakin, Thylacine, Beast of Bodmin Moor, Mystery Black Cat, Marozi, Maltese Tiger, Saber-Toothed Cat and Queensland Tiger

Ever since humans took to the sea, they have reported encounters with unknown creatures that luked in the depths. From the alluring Mermaids that lured sailors to their deaths on rocky shores, to the monstrous Kraken that sent entire ships to their doom, the one constant among these creatures is danger. The files on some of these sea serpents can be found here.

Caddy, Chessie, Con Rit, Kraken, Megalodon and Mermaid

The cold-water lakes of the northern hemisphere, for whatever reason, seem to make the perfect home for large, aquatic monsters. While sometimes said to be deadly, the legends of these creatures have brought fame to the lakes they reside in, as any resident of Loch Ness will tell you. The files on some of these strange lake-dwelling cryptids can be found here.

Loch Ness Monster, Champ, Iliamna Lake Monster, Ogo-Pogo and Storsjöodjuret

The rivers of the world have often been a source of prosperity for humans, providing drinking water, food, and natural highways to conduct commerce. However, they can also be a source of fear, as they can also be home to strange and unknown watery creatures that may mean us harm. The files on some of these aquatic cryptids can be found here.

Phaya Naga, Mokele-Mbembe, Trinity Alps Giant Salamander, Bunyip, Kappa and Loveland Frog

Mankind seems to have a natural aversion to the “icky” creatures of our planet, such as worms, spiders, and snakes. So you can imagine the horror and disgust that occurs when someone come across a creepy-crawly far larger and deadlier than any known species. The files for some of these unsettling and unnerving cryptids can be found here.

Mongolian Death Worm, Minhocão, Jba Fofi, Megaconda, Tsuchinoko and Tatzelwurm

Terror from above is on of humanity’s oldest fears, perhaps harkening back to the time when our tree-dwelling ancestors could be plucked up by a bird on the wing and carried away. Accounts of giant birds, bats, and even modern pterosaurs keep that fear alive in us today. The files on some of these winged cryptids can be found here.

Moa, Thunderbird, Mothman, Ahool and Kongamato

It seems like every small town and province around the world has a monster to call their own. Varying wildly in form, some bordering on the supernatural, these creatures of modern folklore can give one pause before venturing out alone at night, even within the confines of civilization. The files on some of these home-town cryptids can be found here.

Jersey Devil, Michigan Dogman, Goat Man, Snallygaster, Lizard Man, Honey Island Swamp Monster, Chupacabras, Mapinguari, Dover Demon, Fresno Nightcrawler and Man-Eating Tree