Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant Factions

Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant allows players to create a variety of playing positions through the use of Faction panels. Each player will choose three Faction panels (one each from the Military/Diplomacy, Shadow/Science and Economic/Movement choices). This combination makes up the Player position and is referred to as the Player's Faction.

Each Faction Panel is made up of 5 elements. Each has various Action Limits a player may take during a turn, a Starting Budget addition, the Panel's Tech Level, Special Abilities and the Name of the Noble House, Corporation or Society that the Panel represents. There are many different ways to play Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant and different player positions will give you different play experiences each time.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design Military and Diplomacy
Intelligent Design Science and Shadow
Intelligent Design Economic and Military

The Intelligent Design faction has a strong focus on ship construction and repairs. Backed by the Noble Houses of Explorers and Finance, this faction has been granted a high starting budget and has also been backed by a Mechanics Corporation to help in the acquisition of ships and advanced repairs without having to be docked at a Starport.

The Alien Project

The Alien Project Military and Diplomacy
The Alien Project Science and Shadow
The Alien Project Economic and Military

This faction has a bonus for Planetfall. Backing from a Private Noble House and Engineering Corporation in which both are experienced in dealing with the first contact. A modest Tech Level with a high amount of Economic actions, coupled with a Corporation dealing with alien artifacts helps give this faction an economical edge in gameplay.

Secrets and Whispers

Secrets and Whispers Military and Diplomacy
Secrets and Whispers Science and Shadow
Secrets and Whispers Economic and Military

This faction leans heavily towards the unraveling of mysteries and secrets. A high count of Shadow actions for a Luxuries Corporation unveils an underground black market trade ring that can assist in finding powerful discarded cards and start immediate revolts in any system. Backed also by a Noble House dealing in Illicit items and trade, help throw off a system’s trade balance.

Alien Bombardiers

Alien Bombardiers Military and Diplomacy
Alien Bombardiers Science and Shadow
Alien Bombardiers Economic and Military

This war-like faction is backed by a Military Noble House who deals in the repair of capital ships along with the financial backing for cruiser ship designs. A Corporation dealing with high powered sensors help your missile targeting systems along with upgrading your Defense Base capabilities. An above average Tech Level along with a Corporation that deals in Weapons also helps when designing Destroyer class ships and planning planetary sieges.

We Build Tomorrow

We Build Tomorrow Military and Diplomacy
We Build Tomorrow Science and Shadow
We Build Tomorrow Economic and Military

This faction is backed by both Finance and Academic Noble Houses that allow the player more flexibility when constructing diplomatic Embassies and Factories in recontacted Systems. Bonuses to Factory Power and the acquisition of Diplomats help the player quickly gain footholds in any System. A Corporation dealing in Luxuries also helps when economic cards are hard to find.

Truly Unique Treasures

Truly Unique Treasures Military and Diplomacy
Truly Unique Treasures Science and Shadow
Truly Unique Treasures Economic and Military

This faction deals heavily in the Artifacts and Luxuries trade markets. Trade routes dealing in unique items fuels this faction and can be very powerful when acquiring trade agreements in key Systems. With a strong Noble House with Government in mind can help in attaining the right Asset choice for the situation and spreading your Power to other Systems.

Stars Like Diamonds

Stars Like Diamonds Military and Diplomacy
Stars Like Diamonds Science and Shadow
Stars Like Diamonds Economic and Military

This faction is backed by a Noble House that believes in retaining a worlds cultures and traditions. By doing so, it helps spread the Imperiums reputation through the subsector much easier. Also having a Rescue Corporation comes in handy when dealing with disabled ships and attaining Scout ships. The Corporation dealing in Sensors allow the player to have more flexibility for mapping star systems and mining systems with asteroids.

Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry Military and Diplomacy
Better Living Through Chemistry Science and Shadow
Better Living Through Chemistry Economic and Military

This devious faction deals heavily with Illicit pharmaceuticals. Spreading illness to hot prospect worlds helps the player gain power in others. Illicit technology also allows the player to use Gas Giants as fuel sources to power new Starports and factories. The Professional Noble House has been developing cures and vaccines so they can take over the worlds riddled by the plagues and pestilence spread by their fellow Imperial backers.

Building a Better Soldier

Building a Better Soldier Military and Diplomacy
Building a Better Soldier Science and Shadow
Building a Better Soldier Economic and Military

This faction deals heavily in the training and utilization of ground troops. Backed by a militaristic Noble House that trains soldiers and can mitigate aggressive military actions against you are crucial to the success of this faction. Expert training also allows the transportation of more soldiers and the effectiveness of Assault world actions. High in Military actions help make this faction extremely effective in a chaotic subsector.

Shadow Tech

Shadow Tech Military and Diplomacy
Shadow Tech Science and Shadow
Shadow Tech Economic and Military

This faction deals in covert operations and militaristic minded gameplay. High in both Shadow and Military actions will give the player many options when dealing with opponents. Skilled in planetary and spacecraft sabotage also gains you the edge and will help keep your enemies at bay. Both Private and Illicit Noble Houses specialize in dismantling your opponent’s Outposts and Trade.

We Come In Peace

We Come In Peace Military and Diplomacy
We Come In Peace Science and Shadow
We Come In Peace Economic and Military

This high budget faction is heavy with Science and Economic actions. The Noble Houses of Cultural and Government will help gain you’re the edge in Trade between Systems and establishing lasting Treaties with the Imperium. Also backed by a Pharma Corporation will help ease the people's minds in hard times and help gain valuable trade routes with medical resources.

Corporate Interests

Corporate Interests Military and Diplomacy
Corporate Interests Science and Shadow
Corporate Interests Economic and Military

This faction is backed by both Robotics and Mechanic Corporations, giving the player an edge with dealing with robotic revolts and the construction of Outposts in the subsector. Quickly able to replace an ineffective Shadow Agent may be crucial at times and the ability to subvert blockades will definitely aid the player. Equipped with a modest Tech Level, this faction also allows a player to quickly Power their Outposts to solidify Treaties with the Imperium.

Front Panel

Asteroid Miner Front

Back Panel

Asteroid Miner Back

The Asteroid Miner opens up new capabilities in the harsh realm of Mining. You are now able to take full advantage of Asteroid Fields as you explore.

Front Panel

Diplomatic Envoy Front

Back Panel

Diplomatic Envoy Back

Your Diplomats need all the help they can get. The Diplomatic Envoy helps your Diplomats make the critical negotiations they need.

Front Panel

Fleet Tactician Front

Back Panel

Fleet Tactician Back

Fleet Tacticians are placed by the Emporer himself. Move your fleets with impuity seeking the best positions to exert control.

Front Panel

Free Trader Front

Back Panel

Free Trader Back

Give your economy a boost with the Free Traders. Build your factories faster and set up more Trade Agreements to build an un-rivaled budget.

Front Panel

Hostile Environ Specialist Front

Back Panel

Hostile Environ Specialist Back

Take advantage of the environments your opponents don't want. Find the hidden wealth in what everyone else sees as scrap. With the Hostile Environ Specialist Add-On Pack these tactical advantages are yours.

Front Panel

Intuitive Astrogator Front

Back Panel

Intuitive Astrogator Back

Need a navigational edge while moving and exploring for the Imperium? With the Intuitive Astrogator pack, move confidently through unknown space or quickly obtain the lost Secrets from the Long Night.

Front Panel

Master Architect Front

Back Panel

Master Architect Back

The Master Architect brings everything you need to build and deploy your forces faster than ever.

Front Panel

Master Engineer Front

Back Panel

Master Engineer Back

Can you fix it? YES! YOU CAN!! With the Master Engineer add-on pack take advantage of new events to help build your outposts, repair your ships and increase your Power throughout the sector.

Front Panel

Grand Strategist Front

Back Panel

Grand Strategist Back

The Grand Strategist Add-On pack gives you even more options when playing Actions and Events.

Front Panel

Imperial Marine Front

Back Panel

Imperial Marine Back

The Emperor's Marines are yours to command. With innate knowledge of planetary attack and defense, the Imperial Marines are a Noble House that can be used to supplement your planetary conquests.

Front Panel

Linguistic Scholar Front

Back Panel

Linguistic Scholar Back

Help your Diplomats out with a better understanding of local languages and customs. The Linguistic Scholar Add-On Pack can help you build Trade Agreements and establish Imperial Treaties faster than ever before.

Front Panel

Art of Survival Front

Back Panel

Art of Survival Back

Even the best secret agents need a little help now and then. Give your operative a much needed boost even in the most dangerous situations with the Art of Survival Add-On Pack.

Front Panel

Classic Rogue Front

Back Panel

Classic Rogue Back

Need help overcoming some of the sector's less desirable events? Then take advantage of the Classic Rogue pack and make the best of any situation.

Front Panel

Jack of All Trades Front

Back Panel

Jack of All Trades Back

Push the limits of performing Actions with the Jack of All Trades Add-On Pack. Outmaneuver and outplay your opponents to secure the sector for the Emperor.

Front Panel

Stealth Dojo Front

Back Panel

Stealth Dojo Back

Circumvent your opponents surveillance and outmaneuver their plots with the Stealth Dojo Pack.