Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant

The Long Night

“The long night ends, the Ascension begins!” – Cleon Emperor of the Imperium

The wave of Humaniti that erupted from Sol and spread across the first Imperium collapsed civilizations on a thousand worlds. Our worst fears had been realized when we encountered a civilization strong and vibrant, that were in fact ourselves. Wholly unexpected was the first Solomani War – a conflict with beings that looked like us in all ways but were foreign in the extreme, aliens in the human form. They infiltrated and conquered the frontier worlds of the Grand Imperium of Stars, capturing systems by the year until they were larger than we ever were. But their downfall, these humans of Earth, was that they had no experience in governing a civilization that spanned the vast distances of space. They began to crack, and then break, and shatter into collapse, taking civilization with them and dropping all humans into an abyss of barbarism and feudal holdings. The Long Night had come, and for six long centuries only raiders and warlords held power between the Solomani Sector and our Vilani Sector of space.

The home worlds of Humaniti, surround by a dozen systems, held out through the fall of the Long Night. Most of the technology was maintained, and even a few advancements were made. But the cost of the war that formed the “Rule of Man” so arrogantly declared by the Solomani, as if we of Vland were not a home world of Humaniti, could not be quickly replaced. Six centuries passed, as the people from the home sectors, replenished their numbers and their desire to adventure the stars.

Cleon, architect of the Sylean Federation's transition into the Third Imperium, always has a plan – and this time is no different. All the wealth of two empires is still scattered in the thousands of worlds left isolated by the Long Night. It is time for that wealth to be gathered again. There is power, worlds, wealth and secrets out there for the taking. The Ascension of the Third Imperium needs the power of the Empire behind its rise. And we will gather the eager with Imperial Warrants allowing any one that bears the Warrant of the Emperor to Expand the borders of the Imperium, Trade with the Imperium, and plunder and return to the Imperium all the treasures of Humaniti – the Long Night is at an end!