About Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant

Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant is set at the dawn of the Third Imperium. It has been 1700 years since the fall of the Solomani Empire and the Rule of Man came to an end. Thousands of worlds that were abandoned by the fall of the Empire have labored on without any support from a ruling government. Some worlds have thrived and even improved on their technology and societies. Other worlds have regressed without any support. Interstellar travel has become rare and pirates have become common.

Now, the Vilani core worlds are venturing back out into the vast reaches of space. Armed with superior technology and fueled by the desire to restore the Vilani Empire to power, adventurers, armed with Imperial Warrants have been tasked with exploring the lost systems and bringing their allegiances back to the Emperor. Your methods do not concern him, only your results.

In Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant you take on the role of a Faction attempting to curry favor with the Emperor. Your Faction is customizable where you can gather support from Noble Houses, Corporations or various Societies of the Imperium. You will command fleets of ships, diplomatic envoys, shadow agents and soldiers to attempt to bring new Systems into the Imperium by having them sign a Treaty. To do so, you must marshal your resources and build your power all while trying to disrupt your opponent from doing the same.