About the Traveller Universe

Traveller is About Travel

Traveller is a group of Science Fiction Adventures set in the Far Future. The game system spans far into the future and far into the past. It relies heavily on the interplay between life, society and civilization in the universe. The technologies used in the game system have a fundamental basis in real science supplemented by softer sciences to add character and flavor to the game system.

The Traveller Universe describes a time when various factions of Humanity (or “Humaniti” in the Vilani tongue) have settled thousands of worlds across our sector of the galaxy. There are 3 major factions of Humans in the Traveller Universe. The Solomoni are the original Humans of Terra. The Zhodani are a group of Humans transported long ago to Zhdant. And the Vilani are a group of Humans transported long ago to Vland. Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant is set in the Vilani sector of space just after the dawn of the Third Imperium.

Traveller is ultimately about goals. As a player in the system you must decide what goals you are trying to achieve and also how you wish to achieve them. Military power might be useful in one situation while choosing an economic solution is preferable in another. It is up to you, the player to decide how you will approach each situation, choose a course of action and ultimately march onward in Your Journey to Greatness!